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Nordhåum is a sole proprietorship based in Norway. Its focus lies on art and nature through experiences, paintings and other forms of handcraft.

The purpose is to propose a take back for those who find themselves living in a world encased in concrete. Nordhåum's aim is to offer them when they feel emaciated by this, a deeper understanding and connection with nature.

Who I am



Hi, my name is Manuela and I was born and raised in Switzerland.

As a child I discovered my passion for creative work experimenting with different crafts, finding my medium later through canvas and paint. Encouraged by my teachers, I sold my first painting at age 17 while pursuing an education at Atelierschule Zurich in Switzerland. 

I have always had a fascination for nature and wildlife and heavily draw inspiration from it. Visiting Scandinavia as a child and teenager would have a big impact to my life. I fell in love with the Norwegian life and landscapes after traveling to the country 2015 and 2016 again, eventually emigrating and living first north, then south and now in the very middle of Norway. 


My Artwork



I have always been fascinated by mandalas and have been painting them for as long as I can remember. My artistic voice has gone through many phases over the years, developing into its own unique approach and perspective. 

So far my work has been shown in two successful solo exhibitions in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland in 2017 "Compass" and 2021 "Walk".

My artistic inspiration I draw from both outside and within, blending the sights nature gifts me with my own personal experiences and feelings. As so I care deeply for every one of my paintings, experiencing great joy when seeing them grow and change on the canvas.

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